Unplugged in Rangeley

The last week has found us in Rangeley, Maine. It’s in the western mountains of the state and is so far north that we are halfway to the north pole!

I think this is where Santa RV’s since we caught a glimpse of him going into his cool RV cabin. We wanted to blog about it earlier but there was no internet available there. Well there was something called ‘dialup’ but we are not sure what that is and it sounds suspiciously like it might require thumbs to operate, an issue that has caused us difficulties in the past.

There were many things that we liked about Rangeley. It was loaded with critters, we got to see ducks on the dock, rabbits as big as a spaniel, and red squirrels and chipmunks too numerous to count. There was a great lookout perch for us to watch the lake and look for said critters; it was a drop leaf table that was the same height as the big picture window. We could jump up on the table lay down and watch for hours, well as long as Grandma did not catch us! We also got to see Dad and Uncle John play with RC float planes, RC power boats and RC sailboats. At one point one of the boats, the USS Flounder, went down and we got to see a dredging and raising operation. They claimed it was a reinactment of the Titanic but it looked more like something from Gilligan’s Island to us.

When we got tired of looking and barking there were two yummy couches that had flat-topped backs and wrap-around arms. We could each jump on top, grab a corner, and make a hot spud pocket to rest in.

In addition to all that activity, since Uncle John and Aunt Sue stayed with us, our cousins the goldens were available to play with.

Apparently they were brought up wrong and could actually be trusted to go outside off leash, a item we used to our advantage. Sometimes when they went out we snuck out with them so we could run like the wind. We would sneak out by slip streaming them like a Ferrari under an 18 wheeler, other times one of us would sneak out between the two great beasts like a desperado sneaking out of town between two horses, other times I would just hide in the shadow of one of the Clydesdales and no one would see me. Actually it was only me and da’ puppy that would sneak out, Blue preferred his couch hot pocket to running free.

Once our great escape was complete we would run down to the lake to check things out and look for critters. Sometimes circling the grassy knoll, other times running down the shoreline. Once I got out completely unseen and ran down the long dirt driveway, through the woods and down to the lake at another cabin. Here I was caught by, I mean I saved, a young boy named Conner who was playing by the shoreline. I could hear frantic calls for me to return off in the distance, but I had to save the lad, I mean what would any good powerful empress do in such a position?

Unfortunately once I was found I was not greeted with the heroine’s welcome that I expected, instead I got the ‘look’, a talking to, and carried back to the cabin like a sack of potatoes. Somehow the story got twisted into Conner saving me, a small black dog with no collar on the loose instead of me saving him from the great lake monster! When Lassie saves little Timmy he gets treated like a Hero, when RinTinTin saves anyone he gets treated like a Hero, when ReeRee saves little Conner she gets yelled at and little Conner gets fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, WTF?