Let's go SWIMMING!

After several days of only getting to watch our cousins splashing in the lake, I finally got to test-swim my new PFD. It was so cool!

I paddled and paddled and went nowhere fast, probably because Dad had me tethered with the leash, but at least I finally got to get wet. The Puppy Floatation Device makes me float like a cork and lets me move as fast as Michael Phelps. If the dog paddle was given its due and recognized as a Olympic swimming style I’d be going to Beijing! I also snuck out the door once and tried to skinny-dip, but Dad was as fast as me, so I didn’t quite get to go swimming unaided. Maybe next year.

The folks also went to one of their favorite pizza places, which is here in Rangeley. It’s where they first had super-thin crust pizza, even thinner than NY style, topped with the spicy goodness of pepperoni and pepperocini peppers. It sure smelled good when they brought the leftovers home. Maybe there will be crust in our future.