To Rangeley and Back and Back

Over the last couple of weeks we made a couple of trips to Rangeley and back.

The first trip we took three big flats of flowers for Grandma to plant. We are glad these are now gone as keeping the woodland creatures away from them was exhausting, well at least draining if you catch our drift. That was a fun trip because they forgot my seat belt so I sat in Dad’s lap the way up and back, in spite of his complaints about not being able to feel his legs and complaints of nerve damage.

We got to do a couple of our favorite things while in Rangeley, one was our famous table dance where we jump on the table by the big window and watch for critters. This year we had to remove a slippery golden table cloth from our favorite perch, and once it was dumped on the ground the table traction was greatly improved. We stayed up there and watched Dad prepare all the window boxes and various planters for the flowers that we delivered. He also pulled out all the boats from the boathouse, set up the lawn chairs and put in the flagpole.

Next we got to go in to town and bark at more woodland critters, oh wait that one was a local, never mind. Mom and Dad went in to the Red Onion while we waited in the car hoping that some pizza crust would make its way out …. score one for the Spuds, man that’s good crust!

On our second trip we got to see Grandma … yeah!! We also got to see blackflies, or at least Dad’s interpretive “bite of the blackfly” dance, which involves lots or arm waving and running about, quite strange even for him. We also found that our favorite table had a bathtub grip mat on top, a very nice touch ….. we thought. Little did we know at the time but the porch door closed and out came the clippers ….. argh, we hate haircuts! The brave Blue led the way by hiding behind the chair, even after he got his haircut.

I really wanted to go swimming, I mean, the lake was RIGHT THERE and my PFD (Puppy Flotation Device) was in the back of the car, but Mom said it was too cold for a puppy. Apparently, though, it wasn’t too cold to give us baths after the haircut extravaganza and then let us shiver on the couch, still damp.

And they didn’t even bring us any crust from their Red Onion pizza this time. They said Grandma ate it.