Back to Rangeley + Dogs Rule!

We made our way back to Rangeley last week to visit our favorite window and couch, oh and our Aunt Dulcie and cousin Elyssa.

We were planning on a nice fun stay but were immediately alarmed when the Oster ‘tazer’ clippers came out … yup the folks apparently had planned for haircuts and baths totally harshing our mellow not to mention our well earned undercarriage odor.

To make up for this we got to go to the Oquossoc Strawberry Festival, held in downtown Oquossoc. Although there was no police presence to help with traffic control,we were able to find a spot remarkably close to the event. Somehow we didn’t score any berries to eat (we hear they were in short supply this year and served with a KFC dinner biscuit), we did eye up a couple of sweet items we would like to get for the RV, some festive wind chimes and a satellite dish.

Now on to some disturbing news, during our visit Elyssa informed us that she did not like Dogs but only Cats …. what what what?!?!?!

We need to help set her straight on this, so first up is exhibit A, a picture we took of one of their cats while it was looking at some innocent frolicking chipmunks. Boy does he look some ugly about those chipmunks. Kind of speaks for itself but if there are more reasons needed here are some to barkemplate.

  • There is no year of the Cat, Dog Yes, Cat No
  • Dogs can be used as guards, shepherds, seeing eyes for blind, at hunting, to search for drugs, explosives, dead bodies, lost people, trapped people, escaped convicts, dangerous toxins, as helpers for handicapped people or as sled dogs in the Arctic and Antarctic. Cats kill birds and vomit hairballs. They also are the source of allergies since they're covered in spit from all the licking.
  • Dogs were the first domesticated animal and have been hanging with people for almost 5000 years more than cats ... can you say loyal, sure you can.
  • Cats hide behind furniture, poop in the house and proudly and frequently show off their buttholes. Dogs poop outside, sit with you and don't show off there buttholes, well except for Blue who can't help it, his tail is a bit odd.
  • Cats were worshiped by ancient Egyptians. Question: Where are the ancient Egyptians now? Answer: Dead. Some good cat-worshiping got them.
  • Domestic house cats are one-size-fits-all. Dogs, in contrast, come in a wide variety of sizes.
  • Dogs are superheros, Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Underdog .... Speed of lightning, roar of thunder, Fighting all who rob or plunder Underdog, Underdog. What do cats have for heroes, Bill the Cat?

Well I hope this unbiased, comprehensive, scientific undertaking of why Dogs rule will help our misguided cousin !