Ark. It rhymes with Bark. And it's what I'm building.

We’re halfway through our planned stay, and it’s rained more than 20 days and 20 nights.

Extrapolating the obvious, it’s time to build an ark. And being the only spud with thumbs (dewclaws), I’ve taken the modification of the Foretravel in to an Arktravel into my own paws. My current vision looks like this …..

I’ve also started collecting the necessary cargo ….

  • 2 Cocker Spaniels (besides me), check
  • 2 “hoomans”, check
  • 2 Homarus americanus, check and YUM (pass the butter)
  • 2 pool noodles (to provide extra flotation for conversion of coach into ark), check
  • 2 bags of Fromm, check

I also believe we have half of the required red squirrel pair on board. Dad says these are like unicorns and lack proper security clearance to be on the manifest, so we now have a few hundred mothballs strategically located throughout the storage and utility bays as well as the engine compartment in an effort to deter said squirrels.