Fish or Cut Bait?

Yeah, we know. The barking hasn’t been as frequent as expected.

Blame it on the rain.

Pretty much all of the northeast has been dealing with a much wetter than normal late spring/early summer. It’s put a damper (get it?) on our tourist activities and a lot of moss and mushrooms on the campground.

On the one rare non-rain day we’ve had recently, the folks headed a short drive down the road to Wiscasset, “The Prettiest Village in Maine”. Wiscasset is also the gateway to the Boothbay Harbor region, which means it’s home to one large traffic jam on weekends with only one road in and out of the region.

Taking advantage of that traffic pattern is Red’s Eats, “The Prettiest Take Out Stand in Wiscasset”. OK, the ONLY take out stand in Wiscasset. We hear it was also featured on Food Network and is home to a famous lobster roll.

The folks were intrigued.

Red’s Eats, “The Most Expensive Take Out Stand in the US” might be a better name. Those famous lobster rolls were $18.95 each! That’s almost 15 pounds of Fromm! Or half a decoratively-painted fake buoy, which many of the tourists standing in line for a lob$tah roll were holding onto.

The folks being much more practical passed on “The Most Expensive Lob$tah Roll in Maine” and stopped at the local seafood market in Hallowell on the way home. They bought enough U15 shrimp and sushi-grade ahi tuna for a couple of humongous shrimp cocktails (and found fresh, home made horseradish for the cocktail sauce) and a big ol’ platter of homemade sushi and still spent less than the cost of one lob$tah roll (which would have had about 1/4 pound of lobster in it).

We give you “The Prettiest Sushi Made in an RV”: