Something to warm the, er, lap

The folks abandoned us for the mecca to the south today, aka LL Bean and Freeport. Something about a summer sale. So, like, where’s summer? If cool damp and rainy mean summer then, well it’s here we guess.

On the bright side, not the sky of course, cool and damp means craving things that are warm and comforting (like a spud!), and Freeport has a place called Day’s Take Out which has it’s own seafood market attached. Taking the easy way out (and not wanting to further contribute to the humidity of the coach), the “catch” of the day was a couple of pre-cooked lobsters at the cheapest price per pound we’ve heard of in a long time.

Mom turned these strange looking creatures into a decadent but healthy lobster bisque that really, REALLY needed a spaniel’s opinion on the seasoning. The tag team plan was hatched while Mom dished up some steaming bowls of delightfulness. As Dad sat down with his very full bowl of lobstery goodness, Ree-inator applied her patented upward headbutt to the elbow from the mat, er, kitchen floor, and I pounced on the steaming puddle of bisque that quickly coated the table, yummy!

Her aim was a little off and most of the hot bisque was deposited on Dad’s lap, during which time his eyes were a bugged out just like the lobster that went into the bisque. But enough about Dad, did I mention there is bisque to eat …. yummy. Lobster Bisque


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