Getting Clammy with It

With some very rare shiny yellow stuff coming down from sky (which was an unusual color today - blue), the folks headed out for some true touristy activity today. They went to a festival.

Not just any festival, mind you, but one that was inspired by food (our favorite kind of fest). Just a short drive and a free shuttlebus ride to the Yarmouth Clam Festival.

Unlike the strawberry fest they did last week, this fest had many clam-related activities. There was a clam shucking contest, all kinds of clam dishes to eat, commemorative hats and t-shirts with clam motifs, and of course Steamer, the fest mascot and a darn fine specimen of a mollusk. Just look at that adductor muscle!

There was also a carnival across the street - I wonder if the Carnies we met in Kentucky last year were there? They were so cool! With the carnival came some food items you would not traditionally side with a plate of clams, perennial carnival favorites such as cheesecake, fried dough, corn dogs, burgers, fajitas, fried dough, meatball grinders, bar-b-que, fried dough, key lime pie, kielbasa, fried dough, sausage on a stick and pretzels.

We didn’t mind that no clams found their way home, they’re only good for licking the butter off then rubbing your ear on, but we want to know who ate all the blueberry crisp. Fess up!