There is a Fungus Among Us

It’s time for us to play a little game, it’s called One of These Things is not Like the Other, can you guess what it is?

If you guessed a tabby cat you are right as all the rest are full of yeast, well at least Blue’s ears are. It seems Mr. MyEarsItch has a ear yeast infection and got to meet yet another vet in Maine.

Some of the other workampers recommended a veterinary office they’d used last year. We had hoped to find an Aggie vet close by, but the nearest one is a bit of a drive and had an even longer wait for an office visit.

According to Blue he was very brave, which if we translate that correctly means he tinkled himself and hid under the table with his tail tucked under. No matter, we get to watch him have greasy antifungal goop get put in his ear twice a day for two weeks … sweet! We will update you on how the medication works.

Since it’s still been pretty cool here, Mom made some black bean soup for dinner.

Mexican Black Bean Soup with Sausage