FFF - Finally Fungus Free

Here it is, as promised, the Fungus Report.

You may recall Mr. MyEarsItch (Blue) got to meet the local veterinarian a few weeks ago, got himself cultured, and came home with a tube of ear medicine.

In between their work shifts today, the folks tricked us into going for a ride. We thought it might result in some local beef from the organic farm (Kelley Farms in Pittston) or maybe a whoopie pie from Isamax Snacks, or even a quick jaunt to the feed store for some Fromm (Duck and Sweet Potato flavor)

But no….. while the place we went to sold Fromm, it turned out to be the local vet’s office and apparently not just for Blues ear checkup! While we waited in the sitting room for the next available exam room I spotted a table full of toys, is that a PURPLE WUBBA I see?!?, squeak whimper bark …. Well before the folks knew what was happening I had loaded up the Wubba with some of my finest drool and they had to purchase it for me … sweet! Once the exam room opened I snagged a second toy but the folks were pretty quick on that one, well one outta two ain’t bad.

The veterinary technician assured them that the toy sale table being at dog eye level was just a happenstance occurrence, apparently mistaking the folks for locals and believing they would buy that line of fertilizer.

Yeah, right.

One by one we were loaded up on the scale to check our weight, then herded into a small room that smelled suspiciously like alcohol wipes. A cold stethoscope came out of nowhere, followed by some poking and prodding and then OUCH, a needle in each of our butts!

They tricked us with Lyme vaccine boosters for the second year in a row! At least this vet had tasty homemade liver biscotti to sooth the pain. Blue spit his out so I ate it. Puppy bonus!

After we got back, Dad went to work and Mom made some kind of aromatic Indian recipe. She said she got it from P-dub’s website, www.pioneerwoman.com She served it with a favorite grilled flatbread recipe.

I got a little piece of the flatbread. It was good, but that was no liver biscotti.


Chicken Tikka Masala

Grilled Flatbreads