Have you seen my mojo?

The other day when the folks were out playing golf I bounced wrong and got an owie. I could not jump and bounce from couch to chair to dinette back to couch with a half gainer dashboard landing ‘cause it hurt and made me squeek like a puppy.

Did I get ANY sympathy from the rest of the posse? Nope! They just made fun of me and said I lost my mojo.

The folks decided that since all I was doing was whimpering we would go visit the local vet. He was very nice and decided I just had a pinched nerve or something in my back. He gave me some pills to help. Its now been a few days and I’m feeling better, most of my bounce is back and a good part of my mojo. Soon I will by attempting my booty shaking triple lindy bounce move so all can see my mojo.

Oh and because the rest of the posse made fun of me, I reminded the vet that they needed their booster Lyme shots, so they get go meet him and his vaccination needle on Wednesday. Hope they have their mojo with them!