The rain in Maine....

…Falls steady on the lane. Or the cart path.

We have been in Palmyra, Maine since lunchtime Sunday and it has rained a little (or a lot) every day, mostly in the AM with the PM being fairly dry and sunny. We’re staying at the Palmyra Golf and RV Resort since it gives us a good campground to base the coach in for visiting Grandma in Rangeley in a couple of weeks AND it is part of an 18 hole golf course complex.

We didn’t know what to expect, but it’s a very quiet campground in a small town. There are only a couple of other campers here, Dad thinks it’s just early in the season. It’s great for us since the shades in the coach stay up all the time and we can easily see out all the windows, which is very nice. The folks say the course is like having your own private golf club to play at, you rarely see other golfers during your round. It’s very affordable and as campers they get a discount, only $13 for 9 and $21 for 18 holes when they walk with the push carts they bought in Virginia.

I have learned a couple of things about the folks this week:

They’re crazy, well actually I knew that already but this is just further confirmation. They played 9 holes of golf in the light rain on Monday. I don’t even like getting my feet wet let alone going out in the rain to do my hurry up. They came back smelling like wet human so I put Febreeze on the grocery list for them. Looking at the windows I think I should have also put down Windex, looks like some nose may have gotten on them.

Dad is a total shoe ho’. This time he bought himself a pair of waterproof golf shoes, as the ones he played with in the rain are still wet. Maybe that’s why he played in the rain - it gave him an excuse to buy more shoes. Since I don’t like wet feet I understand, but he is still a shoe ho’.

The folks are directionally challenged. I knew Dad was, however apparently Mom has issues as well. The second time they played the exact same 9 holes, they walked to the wrong tee box and played #6, totally skipping #4 and #5. They had to hike all the way back to the beginning, play the ones they missed, then replay #6 (both getting worse scores the second time around). They said it was cost-effective, playing 10 and walking 11 holes’ worth but I think they just need to learn how to read a map or perhaps just look at the big fancy placards that are at the start of each hole. They also has some minor issues finding their golf balls on some of the fairways, there are mushrooms that grow that look suspiciously like a golf balls, yes that’s one of the ‘shrooms in the picture.

On another note they don’t like to share their seafood. Once again they bought hot, steamed lobsters at the grocery store and ate them in front of us without offering so much as a lick of the butter dish. I’m glad we don’t have these cheap lobster cooking stores back home or we’d never get a handout. I can’t tell you the last time I tasted pizza crust.

I did see some buttermilk go into the fridge and there’s a jug of Maine maple syrup on the counter now, so cross your paws that there are pancakes in our future, hopefully with BLUEberries….