Foretravel AV Cabinet

Seems like every year I have to redo something in the AV cabinet in our coach. Remove the VCR, change from a Direct TV to Dish receiver, add in the HDTV tuner, add the outside TV controls, change the Bose, change the Winegard switch box that went bad, new satellite system … always conveniently spaced 8-12 months apart.

Every time I work in that area I’m reminded of the Monty Python episode I’ve got my head caught in the cupboard :))

So this round was the new satellite controls, I took the ‘opportunity’ to build a new av cabinet shelf system and fan control. The shelf is an inverted L from the side so there is lots of room for all those cables to get where they need to go. Now want to watch that DVD in the front/bedroom or outside, or how about HDTV anywhere, Satellite, no problem!