Trik L Start

For those not familiar with this product, here is a short marketing blurb. The TRIK-L-START is designed to keep your engine starting battery fully charged during long periods of storage or inactivity.

Connected between the house and starting batteries, it diverts current from your existing house battery charger, sending it to the starting battery. Maximum charging current is 5 amps, automatically tapering to a small fraction of an amp after a full charge is reached. A set of indicator lights display the charger’s status, also warning of improper hookup. A built-in blocking diode keeps the starting battery from being discharged due to any loads on the house batteries.

So it performs some of the functions of the boost switch, without the fun task of replacing that tiny light bulb in the switch every 6 months or so.

I would NOT mount any type charger IN the battery compartment. Battery out-gassing (a normal byproduct of charging) produces Hydrogen which is explosive and acid vapor which shortens the life of electronic devices.