Bedroom Mattress

You would think that the most difficult thing in replacing a mattress would be to dispose of the old one. In this case that turned out to be the easy thing to do, the difficult part was actually getting the old wildebeest out of the coach.

The “standard” inner spring mattress was to large to stand on edge and clear the ceiling fan. Sliding it to the side of the bed allowed it standing up, but the inner frame was to stiff to maneuver around the corner and get to the door.

I wrestled with this thing for 30 mins in a winner takes all “tables, ladders and chairs” match, but there was no winner.

I finally had to resort to stripping all the foam off and then using bolt cutters to chop the metal “frame” down in to chunks that I could remove from the coach. The benefit was all the chunks fit nicely in “da dumpster”.

After a lot of research, reading reviews, etc. we chose a Aerus Natural Plush 10” Queen Size Amazon: Memory Foam mattress with an excellent price through Sam’s Club. With shipping and tax it came to around $450.

This arrives in a vacuum pack tube. You want to get this to the place it will live before you release the plastic as once opened it deploys and inflates a bit like a life raft, its rather impressive to watch.