Driver Seat and Carpet

We had the FOT team (David F, Michael G. and Larry) do a little remodeling for us. We had our driver and passenger chairs replaced with new Villa ones. The covering is ultraleather Brisa in “bridle”, a distressed Brisa (but only subtly so). Since we had charcoal/black as other accents in the coach (like the window valences and the piping on the sofa arm inset), we specifically ordered black seat belts.

The passenger chair is the same width as the driver’s, about 6 or 8 inches narrower than the old bulbous buddy seat of that 03’ year. The seats are much more comfortable than the old ones, the only unexpected thing is that they are higher (due to the “pillowtop” cushion) than the original Villa ones, so you pedal positions as well as getting in /out of the driver chair is a bit more congested. We do love how easy the Brisa is to clean - just a damp microfiber towel.

Since the seats were already coming out and the carpet from that year was a hideous grey-ish frieze that looked tired, we had the carpet and pad replaced as well. We had considered other flooring options, but with the posse we worried about traction so we stuck with carpet. And since we have not been able to train the Posse to wipe their feet, we opted for a dirt-hiding multi-toned pile.

The carpet is Shaw Queen, the “pattern” is Laurel Hill III, and the color is “Mangrove”. We purchased the carpet from East Texas Carpet in Nac, David supplied the padding and tack strips, etc. We didn’t replace the carpet where it doesn’t really matter and you can’t see it, like inside the closet, bathroom cabinet, etc.

The photos don’t do the carpet (or the seats) justice. The carpet goes so much better with the other colors in the coach, it vacuums like a dream, and it is very nice under foot. Much nicer than the old frieze. Michael did most of the detail fitting and did a fantastic job.

David helped us order just enough carpet to do the coach, only one seam and that’s in the back next to the narrow side by the bed. We had just enough left for one small and one medium sized area rug and a contour mat at the top of the entry stairs. Those were cut and edge-bound by the FT upholstery shop.