Wet Bay Access Hatch

I always told myself that next time I had to remove those wet bay panels I would add an access panel. The panel allows me easy access to the dump valves in the case of a cable issue, and a way to replace the tank level sensors without having to remove the large cover panels (which is what Foretravel does).

The reason for the cover panel removal (this time) was to gain access to the water fill check valve which was tucked in behind the lower panel. You can see it on the left side between the side wall and the black piping (3rd picture). It failed last summer and I needed to replace that part. On some coaches it’s over by the manabloc, but on ours it was not

Even after getting the panels off (which requires removing 3 rocker switches, electrical outlet, cable and phone jacks, tank flush, hot and cold water lines, dump valve handles, soap dispenser, faucet, and what seemed like a pound of silicon caulk) removing that old check valve was still difficult. The pex to pipe swivel connections were worn out and unscrewing those connections tore up the rubber seals on the pex ends.

Anyway back to the panel, the new section of rubber along the lower section is a piece of conveyor belt from tractor supply. The access panel itself you can find at most home improvement stores. The conveyor belt was affixed to with some 3M High Strength 90 spray adhesive, Super 77 should work as well.

And now for some pics

What's behind the panels
Dump valves and sensors
Fresh water check valve on left
Marking for cutout
Hatch added
Rubber shield added
Lower panel with new hatch in place
Access to valves and sensors through hatch