Atwood Ladder End Caps

Several of our Atwood ladder step ends were cracked and the ladder rung could actually fail as a result. Its very dangerous to use a ladder with broken parts. Those creaks you hear when climbing need to be heeded.

You should examine all the rungs looking for cracks, they tend to be at the center screw on the top face of the cap. It pays to periodically replace all step ends if any are cracked or have brittle ends.

We replaced all of them (they are not expensive, ~$6 per set, or $6 per rung) with new ones (VLPRBS-2). Now there is no more ghostly creaking when going up the ladder.

Attwood was sold / merged some time ago and can now be found under the Stromberg-Carlson brand. You can find the replacement end-caps here: Stromberg-Carlson 8540-CP as one example.