Peaing in the coach

It’s pee season and Ree could not be happier!

Recently the folks began bringing back bags with pees in them, we are used to the blue bags on board with poo so this is a new twist. Unlike other times when they say things like ‘who peed here?’ with a hint of anger in their voice, now they are all happy there are fresh pees in the coach.

Ree has been watching the releasing of pees intently, there is a pop and zip sound that is made that has her confused. She thought eating some of the pee pods would help but after a dozen or so gave up. Blue stole some of her cast off pods, then growled at me if I got near his “stash”. What a freak! I ate a couple - they were OK but not as good as my preferred high fiber snack, single ply TP.

In the end there were pees everywhere, some were on the counter, some on the couch, some fell in Dad’s lap, some were on the floor and there some now in the refrigerator! Ree is very excited to try some of these new spots as well and find out if the folks are still as elated about nice fresh pees.

Now only if she could figure out the whole pop and zip sound she would be in biscuit city.