The Edible Maine Mascot (and a bonus)

The folks managed to take in another Maine food-based festival today, the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland. They went on opening day, which is dubbed “Locals Day”, not because they are locals but because admission was free instead of the $8/person all the other days.

Yes, the folks are cheap (I mean practical and frugal).

This famous fest features that delectable crustacean, homarus americanus and is started by none other then King Neptune!

The lobsters are cooked in what is billed as the worlds largest lobster steamer and boy did it pump out the lobsters by the crate full.

In addition to their twin lobsters the folks also each enjoyed a bowl of steamers. The servers of the steamers, clearly deranged, asked if they wanted a wine and vegetable sauce poured on top of the steamers, WTF? Fortunately Dad had the correct response of not just “No” but “Heck No!” Said server must have been “from away”, like maybe Massa…. Massachew…. a Masshole.

Now on to the feast, butter optional but barely… bibs only required for the tourists! Which were packed into the food “pavillion” (a.k.a. tent with picnic tables) like sardines.

Twin lobsters and a stack of steamers were filling but apparently they had some room to spare, not enough junk in their trunks if you catch my drift. Soooo… they also stopped along the carnival-like midway for dessert and even brought me back a sample, a small sample, of fried dough with apple topping! …… Guess they’re not so bad after all!

On the way home they stopped at a farm stand and bought the first wild blueberries of the season, along with a bunch of other things that we hope they keep for themselves, like rainbow chard, beet greens, and other stuff that we aren’t convinced is edible. Clearly they were feeling bad about their carnival food indulgence.

P.S. King Neptune wore Tevas, now Dad wants a pair.