Kitchen Faucet

We replaced our kitchen faucet with a Grohe Ladylux Plus and we love it! We had a functional/aesthetic height restriction to no more than 13” because of an upper cabinet, located above the sink.

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Progressive EMS

We used to use a portable Surge Guard to protect our coach from campground electrical issues, it served us very well. On one trip it suffered some plug damage to the female 50amp connector. Unfortunately that connector was part of a fully molded cable that terminated inside the “permanently” sealed case.

To fix it required complete disassemble of the unit to replace the damaged connector. Although I was successful in opening the “permanently” sealed case and replacing the damaged end, and fully re-weather proofing the unit, we knew it would have to be replaced, but we did get another year out of it!

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Wet Bay Access Hatch

I always told myself that next time I had to remove those wet bay panels I would add an access panel. The panel allows me easy access to the dump valves in the case of a cable issue, and a way to replace the tank level sensors without having to remove the large cover panels (which is what Foretravel does).

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Atwood Ladder End Caps

Several of our Atwood ladder step ends were cracked and the ladder rung could actually fail as a result. Its very dangerous to use a ladder with broken parts. Those creaks you hear when climbing need to be heeded.

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HWH Leveling Valve

We have had leveling problems over the last year which were finally solved by replacing the raise valves on the front HWH “six pack”. We had been to a couple of service places that improved the situation but never really solved the issue.

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