Fuel for People. Sablés for Spaniels.

Tonight the folks did something very unusual for them, they went out to dinner.

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Turn, turn, turn

No, not the wheels on the bus…

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Desk Shelf

We added a shelf for easy access and secure storage of the books we bring on the road. There’s a small lip on the front and rear edges of the shelf so the books don’t move while were rolling down the road.

There is an added a support block under the sink (behind the false back) for the right side cleat. This is needed as the wall there is just 1/4” luan, not strong enough by itself to support the weight of books.
In the future I may update this area to do what the McNeece’s did, which was to add a full cabinet and two drawers to the area. But for now we store a sewing machine under that shelf, so the open space is a nice general purpose area.

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Bathroom Tile Backsplash

After doing the Kitchen Backsplash and seeing that the various materials (grout, mastic, caulk, etc) we chose was able to survive the bumps and thumps that the interstate system can deliver, we decided to tile the bathroom backslash.

For the bathroom, we left the existing wall material in place, it was a thin “plastic” like material so adding tile over it was not going to cause any problem’s (unlike the kitchen Corian backsplash which had to be removed). We did scuff the wall surface with a 3m pad,and then coated it with flexible membrane designed to help prevent cracking.

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Foretravel AV Cabinet

Seems like every year I have to redo something in the AV cabinet in our coach. Remove the VCR, change from a Direct TV to Dish receiver, add in the HDTV tuner, add the outside TV controls, change the Bose, change the Winegard switch box that went bad, new satellite system … always conveniently spaced 8-12 months apart.

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