Fuel for People. Sablés for Spaniels.

Tonight the folks did something very unusual for them, they went out to dinner.

The restaurant was Fuel, in Lewiston, Maine. A modern French bistro with all kinds of tasty morsels on the menu and the wine list. It’s received great reviews from Yankee Magazine and Down East Magazine, and more importantly from the folks.

It’s also close to my favorite factory, the Country Kitchen bakery. That’s where my favorite split top hot dog buns are baked. Unfortunately, it was after hours, so the folks couldn’t do a factory tour (or shop for “irregulars” or day old in the gift shop).

But Dad did bring us back an orange sablé. Sablé cookies are very famous in France. They are very similar to shortbread, except they are made with egg yolks. They also have a characteristic sandy outside edge and they are very rich in butter. Sablés have a mild sweetness that is a perfect complement for sweet mousses or parfaits and Spaniels named ReéReé.

Ours however did not look at nice as this picture, they looked more like they were palmed with a dinner napkin off of the desert tray. No matter it was still yummy and Bentley even enjoyed the napkin … freak.