Fresh Water Fill Valve

Our fresh water fill valve has developed a small leak through the electrically-operated portion. The water pump cycles briefly and repeatedly unless we close the manual side of the fill valve.

The part in our 03 is from Spartan Scientific, the part specifics are:

  • PN 4600-01-8212
  • 3/4” NPT / 2-2NC
  • 25MM / 150PSI
  • 12VDC / 10Watts

Old fill valve
solenoid end, old valve
Valve removed
Valve and fittings
New valve and solenoid
New valve assembled
plug in
New valve installed

I did disassemble and clean the old valve, however I did not test it to see if I fixed it as of yet. Its easy to take apart and clean the surfaces, it would not take much to foul up a seal and there was some grit inside when I took it apart.

I had found the old part number and posted the link, but its now the link is dead. That info may still be enough to find a new source. Most of the sprinkler control valves are now 24v instead of 12v so they can be harder to find.

Since the 12 vs 24 is really just the electromagnetic coil that sits on the stem, one could try a new value and reuse the older 12V EM coil on it. I did not go that route as I was able to find the replacement part.

Here are the photos of how it comes apart and goes back together.

Exploded view
Main housing
Diaphragm valve
On/off screw in side of body to allow bypass
Assemble top back to bottom
Valve back together
All Complete with solenoid
Solenoid Stem
Piston Assembly
Diaphragm valve