Chrome Bay Handles

We updated our old black (and faded) bay door latches with some nice new chrome ones. The chrome shop mafia approved of this update

The latches are made by Tri-Mark, but these particular ones have been discontinued (both the chrome and the black ones). Fortunately with a few phone calls, we found out that around 100 or so of them were still in stock at Tri-Mark. The chrome handles that worked with our coach are item # 12430-04. The one for the entry door has a different number Item # 13438-05.

In the end I ended up using the new chrome fronts, gaskets, springs, washers, etc, but reused the original ‘C’ clamping bracket and the original cable / rod attachments on the inside of the doors. This was just easier to mount everything back up that way since the cable clamps had changed slightly. Additionally, the older “C” clamp had a better rust platting that you can’t use these days.

We think the finished look is much cleaner than the faded black ones. As an added bonus, the new handles need maybe 1/4 the effort to open the bays.