Kwikee Step Replacement

We decided to replace our entry steps, the old Kwikee double-step swing out version. Many recommended the Xtreme Paint and Graphics step conversion. We decided to splurge and go for it.

Our original Amazon: Series 40 were slightly damaged a few years ago. They still worked, but had become loose and the metal at the mounting locations was worn enough that we were concerned they would fail. The cost of just the replacement steps was over $500 and we felt they may have the same longevity issues. They also never felt sturdy underfoot.

The new steps are also a Kwikee product - Powergear 42 Series. The same steps FT is installing on the Nimbus. The steps strictly extend and retract horizontally.

In 2005 Kwikee added an “Improved” control unit logic.

Step is always open when door is open. Step can be locked in the extended position. Step cannot be locked in retracted position. Automatic ignition override makes step follow door.

We added our own override switch so we can force the step to stay retracted when there’s a curb or other clearance problem with the door open.

The steps are a big improvement over the “scissor” swing down series 40 our coach came with. They feel MUCH more substantial, of course they were much more expensive as well.

We also picked up a Foretravel-logo’d non-skid pad from Encore RV and had that installed in place of the narrower one the step comes with, to really finish it off.