Shoe Box

What’s with the shoes???

Today more shoes came back with the folks, this time it was yet another pair of sneakers for Mom. They look the same to me as all the other sneakers. The only difference we can determine is that they smell like leather and not corn chips. They actually went to a shoe factory here in Maine called “New Balance”.

Looking around we are surrounded by shoes, we think the coach is actually a large shoe box, we are the spuds who live in a shoe!

There are all sorts of shoes, dress shoes of various colors, casual shoes of yet more colors. Then there are shoes that are everyday shoes, too casual for casual and too numerous to keep track of. There are sneakers for running, walking, training and even shopping. There are sandals for walking, hiking and gardening. There are shoes made of rubber and shoes with cleats. There are waterproof shoes, water resistant shoes and shoes for cold weather. Shoes for hot weather, shoes for the yard, shoes for driving and shoes for dining.

And then there’s us, barefoot, naked and living in a shoe box.