RV Water Pump

We installed the new Extreme SmartSensor pump, replacing the stock Whisper King pump. The new pump can deliver up to 5.5GPM vs. the 2.0GPM of the Whisper King (see below for more). We needed some extra barb fittings and hose clamps as well as some extra tubing to install the inlet water filter inline instead of being screwed directly into the Whisper King.

Since the SmartSensor pump is larger, we couldn’t fit the whole pump back with filter without interfering with the drawers (in our 30IB, your model may have it in a different place). Moving the filter to the side solved this problem.

The flow rate is definitely greater with the new pump. Kitchen faucet and shower pressures/flow seem similar to those at home or as if hooked up to outside water. The toilet probably saw a two-fold increase in flow during flush, almost as if on water hookup, and the spray wand worked A LOT better.

The pump shuts off much quicker after you’re done using the water, too.

During our second or third trip after installing the pump we sprung a small leak where the water inlet enters the pump. Seems that one of the O-rings was damaged either during installation or by the factory. Fortunately the local hardware store had a faucet repair kit with the right O-rings, its been fine since then.


Here is what the stock Whisper King looked like as installed by Lazy Daze

Here is what the SureFlow SmartSensor pump looks like when it’s all installed


Pressure Whisper GPM Extreme GPM
0 2.0 5.5
10 1.5 5.0
20 1.2 4.2
30 0.8 3
40 0.5 2