Headlight / Tail Light Conversion

Partly in order to freshen the look of the coach, and partly so it was drivable at night, we decided to have a headlight “conversion”. At the same time we decided to have the tail light conversion in order to complete the look.

The coach was originally equipped with Chevy Silverado headlights and Ford Expedition Taillights. The headlights were abysmal for night driving. We still recall the first time we went to use them, and after turning them on we both thought they had not illuminated. It was like driving with your parking lights on a dark road.

Both Foretravel and Xtreme Paint and Graphics do headlight conversions. We looked at both places and really preferred Foretravel’s implementation over Xtreme’s. It is nothing against Xtreme, we just felt that Foretravel offered a more finished look.
The lights sit in a full receptacle vs an open back, and at the time, the Foretravel lights were set much further outbound, allowing better curb illumination. Since then I think both company’s have refined their offerings so these conditions have probably changed for both.

In preparation for the conversion we removed the 3M protective film from the front of the coach. It had to be removed in order to install the new lights, so to save a day of labor and about $1K, we did it ourselves. To help protect the front from rock dings we had ArmorCoat applied (instead of a new film of 3M). ArmorCoat does not fade, can be repaired and reconditioned.

Headlight Before/After

Tail Light Before/After

We have used the new headlights for early morning and night driving since the conversion and they rock!