Work Day One

For the humans, of course. We’re spuds of leisure. And we’re relaxing here in the coach.

Dad was on desk duty this morning, so we got to hang with Mom. Problem is, she didn’t hang with us. We might not have minded, except we didn’t get any of the brunchy baked goods she was working on instead of giving us attention.

The folks don’t work the same time slot, but they do work the same days. So while Dad was making sure the printer queues worked and arranging brochures, Mom baked some bacon and cheese scones for their late breakfast.

Some nerve she has cooking half a package of bacon and not giving us one little taste! She also cooked it in the oven, so we didn’t even get any bacon fat spatters to lick off the floor. And you know what cooks in the RV stays in the RV, so we had to smell bacon all day long, aaarrrggg!

Then she made another yummy smelling bowl of food, this time a meat loaf to cook for dinner after her shift.

And all we got were a couple of dog biscuits….

Apple-Smoked Bacon and Cheddar Scones

Italian-Style Meat Loaf