We're Here!

We arrived at our Maine (get it?) destination this week - the Augusta/Gardiner KOA. The folks are doing something called “workcamping” here this year. We aren’t sure what that is except they’ve been playing with leaves and branches for a few hours each day, and they came back with yellow polo shirts today, its the same shade of yellow that Blue put on Uncle John’s sock and shoe.

The best part (some of us think) of this campground is that there’s a big Fromm store just 3 miles down the road. They stock lots of duck and sweet potato vittles - perfect! Of course, Bentley thinks the best part is the lake or pond the campground is on. It’s where he learned to swim 2 years ago.

The folks think the best part is that we’re centrally located for all the things they like to do in Maine, like shopping in Freeport, touring and whale watching in Boothbay Harbor, several golf courses, lobster that they steam for you at the grocery store, and other great Maine things. They are also not too far from Rangeley so we can visit there several times this summer instead of just once. Another place for Bentley to swim and maybe we’ll even get to taste Red Onion’s pepperoni and pepperocini pizza this year.

The other night it got pretty cool and the winds picked up. The trees still haven’t leafed out, so it’s kind of like winter in Texas. It was so windy in fact that two trees in the park fell down, one missing our home on wheels by inches. Before the wind hit, Dad was able to set up the satellite dish and find a sweet spot between two trees, under a distant branch, over a mountain ridge and bingo we have Dish! The new setup was based on Mom’s research and although trees fell in the wind the mobile tripod dish setup held its ground. All that excitement has made Bentley a tired boy today!

The cool weather put the folks in a soup mood, so Mom thawed and heated some Tortilla Soup for dinner. It’s a recipe from the Houston Junior League Cookbook, Stop and Smell the Rosemary. We often stop to smell the rosemary at home and often for some strange reason we come in with out undercarriages smelling like rosemary. Anyway Mom wishes she had tried the recipe a long time ago - she says it’s the best tortilla soup she’s ever had (we wouldn’t know, all we got were a few tortilla strip bits…) Tortilla Soup