The last week has found us in Vermont, home of cheese, ice cream and doughnuts, well at least that’s what we know if for. We came back to the same RV park as last year, we like the view and the nice open sites at this park. There is lots of room for us to do our business in, plus lots of places to Twitter on bushes and read our blogs.

We got to visit the cider mill where we got to eat a couple of cider doughnuts, they are Blues favorite and he always pushes himself to the front of the food line. He is just like Homer Simpson when it comes to those delicious circles of life, ummmmmm.

We also went to Cabot where we got to consume lots of cheese samples, little squares of goodness that Mom and Dad sneak out of the tasting area and bring back to the car. Mmmmm that sharp cheddar is good eats.

Next we found ourselves at Ben and Jerry’s, home of frozen treats. We got to eat some yummy frozen vanilla yogurt. Mom and Dad ate some ice cream but said dogs can’t have ice cream, sounds more like they did not want to share. I’m not sure why that ice cream is on top of the car, can’t they see I’m in here?

After eating all the frozen treats, Ree got a bad case of tongue freeze, looks likes it’s frozen solid, its a Pupsicle, or maybe a Tonguesicle … someone gets some warm water for the princess!