Upstate NY = Carb Heaven!

The day before yesterday we got to visit the folks’ friends, John and Linda, in northern Virginia. We had to stay in the coach (something about us “exploring” where we shouldn’t) so we didn’t get to bounce on their furniture, but the folks had a great time catching up with their friends.

One nice thing was the free range pooping, since they live in the country it was nice drop and go situation. We did get to meet and greet the human friends - they seemed to be very dog friendly. It wasn’t Cocker Spaniel but maybe Cavalier King Charles that we detected on the pants legs?

And for some reason, there are 3 ginger heart dog cookies missing from our stash ….

We arrived in upstate NY yesterday evening, after what turned out to be a longer drive than the folks expected. Pennsylvania certainly is very bumpy! We are staying for a few days at Brook n Wood in Elizaville. This is the first time we’ve stayed here, but the folks checked it out last year after the challenge that the previous years campsite presented. This campground is much more big rig friendly. The sites are as wide as they are deep, even though they are basically part of a grass field.

The best part is that we are now in Carb Heaven! Last night Mom ordered a pizza from a place called Salvatore’s (recommended by the camp host). She ordered a large and the thing was HUGE! Bigger than Blue’s banana tail is long! We think it was at least 20’ diameter. That meant lots of crust for us. And a huge box they let us check out.

Today we went to visit our cousins, the Corndogs. Cooper is recovering from surgery, so he spent a lot of time resting in his “house”. He has what looks like a memory foam mattress in it, so Blue was jealous. So jealous, in fact, that he “expressed himself” on Uncle John’s sock and shoe … while he was still wearing both, that boy is just not right, perhaps the Pennsylvania roads jarred some brain cells loose.

The folks and Uncle John and Aunt Sue then had some more carbs, bagels to be exact. We remember them from last year - except this time no one shared. It might be time for more “expression” if things don’t pick up. Later in the day Dad and Uncle John went to the local RC airfield and did some flying, well John did, Dad needs some more time on the simulator if you know what I mean.

Aunt Sue gave Mom a recipe for shrubbery that Dad would actually eat, too. He doesn’t like cooked broccoli, but this was a salad with bacon (pork fat rules) in it, and he ate seconds. Here’s Mom’s version (which she says it’s perfect for a pot luck): Broccoli-Cranberry Salad