Opening Day!

Today’s the first official open day for the campground. We hear there are a couple of RVs expected to arrive for the weekend. The folks don’t actually have their first work day until Sunday, so the plan is to do a little landscaping around our site today. They bought some flowers at a local nursery yesterday and also bought something called “Earth boxes” to plant tomatoes and herbs for Mom to cook with.

These earth boxes have a fatal flaw, they raise the plants above our special ‘strike zone’. We feel leaving them unmarked makes them vulnerable to woodland creature attack, a fate which will not occur to the car tires.

Our olfactory examination of the Earth Boxes revealed we’ll have several kinds of heirloom tomatoes, something the folks seem quite excited about. We aren’t sure what the big deal is - if it’s not meat, cheese, pizza crust, Ben and Jerry’s frozen yogurt, or Cider Mill donuts, we see no point in wasting our tummy space on it. I mean what would we do with a Mr. Stripey anyway?

To kick the season off, all the work campers and the campground owners got together for a pot luck dinner last night. We got a little sample of what Mom made, some true comfort food for a cool, breezy day. She combined two recipes to come up with this one, and says it has more calories than the two original recipes put together.

Baked Macaroni and Cheese with Panko Topping