Maine-tezuma's revenge

I don’t know what I ate off the ground, no no … I mean I don’t know what Mom fed me, but the last week has been anything but RV fun. I’ve had myself a little case of tourista.

I gave Dad a refresher on how to work the Little Green Steam Machine, he was getting a big rusty. The folks also got to take me for multiple late night walks (multiple in one night). I don’t know if the Dog walk looked better under the 1am or 3am moonlight, but either way it was breathtaking, or maybe is was my deposits that took our breath away. I do wish the dog walk was closer to the RV, I mean doing the duck walk is difficult when you don’t have buttocks, but my iron sphincter made it through. It’s amazing how the folks’ mood can foul by just a little sleep deprivation and late night walks … not to mention that awesome case of bed hair, yikes!

Mom took me to a new Aggie vet at the local veterinary office. I was really looking forward to the Arroz con Pollo (rice and chicken) she recommended Mom cook for me. That would have been much tastier than the boiled rice and beef that I turned up my nose at, which looked more like Haggis. And I don’t buy the excuse that we had the lean ground beef already in the freezer as a reason not to go out special to buy me some chicken.

So now, after a diet of frankfurter rolls (split top, the higher sugar brand, please), bottled water, Immodium, metronidazole, and probiotics, I’m on the mend. At least they didn’t come back to another steam cleaning project after their golf lessons today.

BTW, Mom is a total golf club ho’ and now has a new driver, that makes 3 I believe … Dad made her enter “anniversary gift” on the check’s memo line, what a cheapo, no no … I mean quick thinker!