Happy Birthday to Us

Today is Dad’s official and my unofficial birthday.

You see, the date the folks adopted me was November 20, and the vet who checked me over that day said I looked like I was 18 months old - therefore, Dad and I share a birthday.

But I won’t tell you how old I am. And it’s not polite to ask a lady her age. SO DON’T!

Early in the afternoon, the folks went to a nearby driving range, T’s Golf, so Dad could get some swing time in on the clubs Mom bought him before we started this trip. They were gone quite a while, so we suspect they hit a lot of “onions” and are going to need ibuprofen later.

Mom made Dad’s favorite dinner for his birthday, as she’s done for nearly 20 years. It’s called “Cheese and Pasta in a Pot”, but it really should be cheese, cheese, sour cream, beef, and oh, maybe a handful of pasta, in a pot.

Cheese and Pasta in a Pot

She also made Roy’s Chocolate Souffle, it smelled great but there is some arcane rule about Spuds not being able to eat Chocolate … WTF? … I need to meet this rule maker.