Golf and Honeysuckle

I love the smell of honeysuckle!

It’s in the air everywhere. It smells almost as good as some of the spots in the dog run. Well, almost. I spent most of the day people watching and pulling on my leash since Dad walks too slow for my taste.

When no one is home I like to lay on the dinette table and watch out the window. Don’t tell the folks, they don’t know and I don’t think I’m supposed to do this, at least that’s what I think “No”, “Off” and “Bad” mean.


Why would anyone go here when they could sit with a Blue dog all day?

Apparently 10 dollars for 18 holes of golf sounded better. The entire thing made me a bit sick, or maybe it was the fact I did not get a second biscuit this morning. I left a present behind in the chair, or was it in the hallway? No matter, if they find it they will blame the puppy.