What, another dinner out for the folks?

This time they revisited a restaurant they’d dined at almost 10 years ago. Primo, in Rockland, Maine.

They found it by accidentally after touring the Owl’s Head Transportation Museum with Uncle John and Aunt Sue, and remembered having good food, but they hadn’t been back.

Then at the end of last summer, Mom was reading Michael Ruhlman’s book The Soul of a Chef, and realized that one entire section was devoted to the chef of Primo, Melissa Kelly.

Home-grown veg and herbs, in house baked goods, pork raised (and cured) on the premisis…. this was right up their alley.

Dad got bold with the menu. There, on the list, something called “Crispy, Deep-fried Pork Belly”. Having seen it on Top Chef and other cooking shows, he just had to try it. There were some comments about the eyes rolling back in their heads, groaning, etc.

We can’t believe they didn’t save us any, but we did get some homemade zeppole that Mom saved us. Donuts! Donuts that taste like deep fried popovers rolled in cinnamon sugar!

In the absence of crispy, deep-fried pork belly, they were the best thing I ever ate.