Bangal-Amenia Road

For the past few days we’ve been in the Hudson Valley Region of New York. Mom and Dad used to live in the area and there’s family here. There are a lot of trees and quaint towns that the folks say have gotten a bit more touristy in the past 15 years.

We’ve learned that whenever a road rounds a bend of more than a certain degree, Jill, our GPS, thinks it’s a new road. So every time we went from the campground to Uncle John and Aunt Sue’s (home of Greco-Golden Wrestling), Jill kept telling us we had to “turn right on Bangal-Amenia Road” 6 or 7 times even though we were already on it. And on the way back, we had to “turn left on Bangal-Amenia Road” repeatedly.

Dad came up with a new song reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz (not Doctor Oz of Oprah fame)

Bangal-Amenia Road

    Bangal-Amenia Road

        Follow follow follow follow

            Follow the Bangal-Amenia Road

Just like all the others on this trip, this is the folks’ first time at this campground, called Interlake Farm and RV Sales in Rhinebeck. It was the closest to Mom’s brother’s house. There weren’t many reviews on-line but the website said they were “Big Rig Friendly”. Dad says maybe the camp hosts are, but the campground really isn’t. He took some photos to show what he meant by that. One photo shows how unlevel and short the site was, the second shows how far we had to back up to get the front of the coach off the road.

Today the folks scoped out another campground for the next time we’re in the area. They said it’s further away but looks like a better choice. Plus Mom said it had grass to walk us on where here it’s a lot of dirt and she keeps complaining about having to vacuum all the time.

Anyway, we had a fun but exhausting time at our cousins. They are 2 Golden Retrievers and HUGE plus their big Texas hair made them look even BIGGER. We liked their lake-sized water bowl that we could float our ears in. Lacey and Cooper also live with several cats and Blue had a blast chasing one of them all over the house, he must have thought it was a squirrel. The boys also explored something called a “basement”. I’m not sure what it is but it’s down some stairs and into the dark underground and I kept hearing strange thunder from down under. I stayed upstairs where the chocolate mousse cake and authentic rye bread was (but officially I didn’t get any).

We hear they also had some real bagels on Sunday but we didn’t get any of those either. I think I smell some in one of the cabinets here in the coach, so there is still hope. Right now I smell leftover NY pizza that’s re-heating in the coach oven. We should score some pizza crust. With all the visiting, Mom hasn’t done much cooking here in the coach the past few days but she hopes to have a few more recipes to post soon. She and Dad sure have been packing in the carbs (and not sharing).

Tomorrow we leave for Freeport, Maine. That’s the home of LL Bean, open 24/7/365, some cheap golf, and lots of fresh seafood.

I hope I get my own lobster - maybe they’ll share those more readily than all the yummy-smelling carbs.