A week of training

Not for us (because you know when you are as well behaved as us you don’t need any stinkin’ training), but for the folks, who have to learn all sorts of new things.

While they’ve been helping get the campground cleaned up from last fall’s leaves and various yard work things, the main job the folks were hired for is office work. That’s stuff like answering the phone, taking reservations, checking people in, running the register in the camp store. So this week they’ve been gone from the coach a lot during the day.

After their first day with the reservation system, the folks were babbling something about nostalgia and PF keys. Dad said he thought the software looked like it was from the 1980’s, and sure enough the copyright showed it was - other than the yellow KOA background the screen looks just like the old CRT terminals the folks used when they first went to work over 25 years ago.

That’s a lot in dog years!

The weather has been “mixed” since we got here, one day it’s sunny and nice and the next day it’s cool and rainy. They try to take advantage of the nice days to grill out, so this week we got to try a California “barbecue” dish called Santa Maria Tri Tip. It’s not really barbecue (which is “low and slow” like we do it in Texas), but it had all of us drooling just the same. It was a recipe one of the guys on the Big Green Egg board posted. Mom also made the traditional side dish, Pinquito Beans to complete the meal.

Pinquito Beans

Santa Maria Tri Tip