A great day in the high country!

After a chilly-willy start to the day in Albuquerque where temperatures dropped into the 30’s, we made the leisurely migration to Santa Fe with Mom and Dad’s friends, Jim and Charlene.

Santa Fe is at an elevation of 7000 feet so we are now some high elevation spuds! We’re staying at Trailer Ranch RV Park and 55+ community (even though the folks aren’t yet AARP-eligible). The Tribe’s parents recommended it, and Aunt Ginger and Uncle Richard were spot on with how friendly and convenient this park is.

Now you’d think a leisurely afternoon with not much planned wouldn’t leave us with anything to blog about, we certainly thought so, but today has been a banner day for the spuds who RV.

First, Mom noticed one of the vehicles parked here at “the Ranch” said it was a mobile RV parts and repair business. It looked like it had been in business for quite a while, so she was very hopeful they’d have a part the folks really needed.

It’s a pretty critical part - it attaches the waste hose to the coach and one of the attachment hooks had broken so Dad had to hold the coupling in place to dump the tanks. Amazingly enough, the guy had one! It saved the folks the cost of shipping and made them really happy after trying just about every RV parts place in Albuquerque with no luck. I’m not sure why they would just not join us at the dog walk to do their bizness, guess they have shy bladders or something.

But the best part is that after stashing the precious Thetford hose adapter for installation later that afternoon, they went to the local supermarket and Mom found marranitos!!! These are my favorite cookies - Mexican ginger flavored cookies shaped like little piggies!

If this is what they can score just a few hours after arriving in Santa Fe, imagine what they’ll find during the rest of the stay!