We had never used a tow protector with our class C Lazy Daze, it just did not throw rocks or debris on to the toad. One of our first trips with the Foretravel resulted in quite the small rock collection on the windshield of the tow car (then a Saturn SL2).

We were faced with deciding how to protect the towed vehicle from stones and road debris thrown up by the RV. Many have attempted to use a “grass skirt” others have tried the “solid rubber guards” and others have utilized the solid shields that attach to the hitch and stand up in front of the towed vehicle. All of these have disadvantages from lack of effectiveness to cumbersome attachment and storage.

The Protect-a-Tow is a specially made durable PVC coated polyester mesh that is connected to the Motorhome and the towed vehicle under the towbar. We had to install 4 eye bolts to the motorhome and 2 to the tow car. Our Foretravel had a convenient “L” channel that runs across the back that worked perfectly. The tow car we were able to add the bolts to the existing tow gear. Once the bolts were in place we also gave them good spay coating of rustoleum.

Whats nice about the Protect-a-Tow is that it protects the wiring, cables, towbar and the towed vehicle since it rides under all of that. A lightweight PVC anti-drag / sag bar goes over the towbar to support the material and hold it up off the ground when cornering.

It provides great protection for the towed vehicle, is quick (about a minute or two) to install and remove, is very light and rolls up into a small bag when not in use.


We used the same Protect-a-Tow for over 10 years before it wore out, it kept our tow gear and car(s) chip free over that time. Very pleased with this simple yet effective product.