Garlic and Mussels and Beer.. Where's Mine?

Today we were treated to the scent of a tasty lunch, after the fact on Mom and Dad’s breath…

After a 19 year gap, they returned to Bertha’s in the Fells Point neighborhood of Baltimore and had a couple of tasty bowls of steamed mussels with different sauces. Dad had spinach, tarragon, and garlic butter, Mom had anchovy, tomato, and garlic butter. We hear they ate all the mussels, then used bread to finish all the sauce. We can’t believe they didn’t bring us back a white box with leftovers!

We are currently in Woodbine, MD at Ramblin’ Pines Campground. It’s a nice place with a HUGE fenced in “paw walk” where we can run off leash and do our “bidness”. We got here on Friday, as did all the weekenders. The park was teeming with kids, bikes, dogs, etc. The campground has a lot of neat features for these folks - activities, Sunday breakfast, a full-service weekend snack bar/grill, mini golf, etc.

We had bad weather on Saturday, so the Baltimore visit was delayed a day. We all sat around, watched TV, did laundry, and made cookies. Dad discovered some Kroger oatmeal, cranberry, walnut ones that you could “break and bake” just a couple of cookies at a time but we finished those back in Virginia. Mom decided it would be more “retirement budget friendly” to make a batch of cookie dough and portion it out and freeze, so we now have 7 packages of oatmeal, blueberry, walnut cookies in the freezer (we baked and ate one portion already).

Besides Bertha’s, which was a long walk from Inner Harbor to Fells Point, the folks spent some time touring the National Aquarium at Baltimore. They saw all kinds of fish, kind of disturbing that they craved seafood after that, don’t you think?

They also saw some weird flying fox things hanging upside down in the Australian exhibit. This is my interpretation of what they looked like, pretty cool huh?

We’re here for a few more days so the folks can visit the Smithsonian and Mount Vernon. I hope they come home with more than garlic fish breath…


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